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North Carolina is rich in beautiful waterways. These range from rivers and creeks to carolina bays, swamps and old millponds. Although most are easy to access, they are an underutilized scenic resource. This site highlights just a few.

Links to other sources are scattered throughout the site. For example, the weather page is mostly a departure point to a great National Weather Service site. Do a little research, pick a waterway, and go paddle it. You'll be glad you did.


This web site is just an appetizer. Do a little homework. The best source I have found is: A Paddler's Guide to Eastern North Carolina by Bob Benner and Tom McCloud. This book is published by Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama. The ISBN number is 0-89732-041-7. Buy this book. If you can't buy this book, check it out of the library. Wake County has at least one copy available.

My favorite map is the North Carolina Atlas & Gazetteer, published by DeLorme Mapping, Freeport, Maine. Canoe access points are listed at the beginning of the book, and noted throughout. It also lists hiking trails, camping spots, parks and fishing areas. The map is updated every several years to keep pace with DOT's mission to pave the world.

And don't forget the web. The Carolina Canoe Club has a site which offers descriptions of rivers, a classified section and a newsletter, among other things. The club also sponsors group trips. The site provides a number of links.

The site with a little of everything is NCWildlife.org. It is maintained by the Wildlife Resources Commission for everyone interested in fisheries, wildlife and nature. This is where you will find important information about hunting seasons, so you will know who is shooting at whom, and with what. You pay for it, so use it.