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Canoe Camping

A great way to really get away from it all is to pack up the canoe and disappear for a few days. This works on some rivers better than others. Canoe camping is suited to waterways in state parks and canoe trails with dedicated campsites. It can also work well in national forests and national seashores. Just make sure you are not on private land.

Car Camping

Other areas require some planning for sleeping outside. The above picture is of a campsite offered to us by the Winslows near the Roanoke River. We were looking for a place to set up camp, and they offered us their favorite spot, cut the grass to keep the ticks down, brought us a jug of water, and to top it all off gave us a trunk full of split firewood. And a book of matches. Never underestimate southern hospitality.

If you don't meet the Winslows, go to any small town and ask about campgrounds. They are everywhere.