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Roanoke River Paddle Trail

The Roanoke River Trail is much more than the Roanoke River. This trail system covers swamps, creeks and other rivers in the immediate vicinity of the Roanoke from Hamilton to the Albemarle Sound. The trail system includes several campsites available by reservation. The best way to find out about this trail system is to visit the Roanoke River Partners web site.

Albemarle Region Canoe & Small Boat Trails System

The Roanoke River trail system runs into the larger Albemarle trail system. This system is made of 29 separate marked paddle trails in Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Hyde, Pasquotank and Perquimans counties. No web site is available for the Albemarle trail, so call the Albemarle Resource Conservation & Development Council at 252-482-7437 for maps. Maps are issued by county, and have lodging information listed.

Lumber River Canoe Trail

The Lumber River is one of four wild and scenic rivers in the state. It is a beautiful black water river located in the sandhills of Robeson, Hoke, Columbus, Bladen and Scotland counties. The trail covers 126 miles, so plan ahead. For specific information, see the Lumber River State Park site.

New River State Park

Another wild and scenic river is the New River in Allegheny and Ashe counties. The New River is believed to be the second oldest river in the world, and is the oldest in North America. And to keep things interesting, it flows north to the Mississippi. The park offers canoeing and camping so it's a nice cheap vacation. And to make it even more appealing, it is a flat water river in the mountains. So it has great views for lazy people. For more information about the park, see New River State Park site.

Hammocks Beach & Huggins Island Paddle Trails

See the Coastal Routes page for detailed information on these trails.