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Merchant's Millpond

Nothing is more beautiful than a millpond, and there are many to choose from. By far the most popular is Merchant's Millpond State Park in Gates County. There are canoes available for rent, a nice marked canoe trail, and if you take your own boat, canoe camping. Merchant's Millpond State Park is part of the Albemarle canoe trails system.

Bennett Millpond

Bennett Millpond in Chowan County is another stop on the Albemarle Canoe Trail System. The trail through Bennett continues down Rockyhock Creek to the Chowan River.

Et Cetera

Millponds are scattered all over northeastern NC. To find more, go to the Roanoke River Partners site or visit the North Carolina State University's paddle trails project site. Other sources include the North Carolina Atlas & Gazetteer from DeLorme Mapping and the Albemarle Resource Conservation and Development Council in Edenton. And don't forget the local fishermen. If anyone knows the area, they do. The picture above was taken from my canoe on an unmarked millpond at the end of an unmarked bad dirt road. Two men fishing the Roanoke River gave us great directions and a tow back to the car.